Anonymous said: I'm pretty sure I'm asexual. I mean, I have ~sexual fantasies or whatever, but I never uh...accomplish anything from them. Or masturbation. And if I think about anyone, I definitely can't get anything done. I have no interest in dating or having sex. I could see a relationship in the long run, but the idea of having sex grosses me out. I tried bringing up these issues to my parents and they were like, "You just haven't find the right person. You're just scared."

Are they right? I've never wanted to have sex with ANYONE. And I really, really want to want to have sex, but I don't. Like, I can see that people are attractive, but it's the same way I'd see a pretty mountain range or a kitten. They're nice looking, but I don't want to fuck it. I'm twenty and a virgin and I feel defective.

J.D. - I’m sorry you feel that way. A lot of asexuals experience this though, and societal pressures typically don’t help either, since everything is so heavily saturated in and dependent upon sex. And it does get annoying when people constantly don’t believe how you feel. Maybe you haven’t met the “right” person, but no one can really know that. And, if you’re aromantic like me, you pretty much know that chances are, you’re just not attracted to anyone and just not interested in any of that. I’m still open to that idea, but I seriously doubt one person is just going to come along and somehow change everything for me.

There’s also this huge stigma in regards to virginity that is incredibly annoying as well. If you’re not ready and you don’t want it (ever), there’s no need for you to do it.