Anonymous said: Any advice on how to come out as ace? I identify as asexual/demisexual, and possibly aromantic/demiromantic - I want to tell my parents and brother and I'm pretty sure they'll be okay with it, if a bit confused, but I'm not really sure how to bring it up. We don't really talk much about stuff like sex and sexual/romantic relationships, so there's no way I can easily slip it into the conversation, but it I feel like would be really awkward to just announce it out of the blue.. Any thoughts?

I’m going to not-so-subtly link my Hot Pieces of Ace video on this subject (it’s an old, cheesy video, but the advice is still relevant). I’d also recommend checking out this link, which has a section called “Asexual Responses to Common Statements And Questions Made By Sexuals” that’s quite helpful. Furthermore, you could check out the A Life Podcast on coming out to parent stories.

Good luck! <3


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