Anonymous said: i'm not sure that any of you would be able to answer this, or even if it's an answerable question, but i was curious about secondary sexual attraction (the kind that eventually happens when you fall in love[or have some other significant emotional attachment])... how long do you think that would normally take? i know it's probably different for a lot of people but i just. i don't know. i find it a little discouraging thinking that it could take years or something. it's hard to tell someone i really care about and want to be with (as in be in a relationship with) you but i may-or-may-not someday be sexually attracted to you and then especially not to be able to give even a tentative timeframe... like i said, i doubt there's a solid answer but i just... kind of needed to try asking. just to see. thanks for reading, even if you can't answer.

Liz - This is one of those things that’s completely different for everyone, I think. The different demisexuals (people who experience sexual attraction only after an emotional attachment is created) I’ve talked to all have different experiences. And if you’re asexual rather than demisexual, you won’t develop that sexual attraction even after a long time. Sorry I can’t give you a more satisfying answer.