Anonymous said: How do people know if they are asexual if they are not the "didn't find the right person yet" kind? And can they be attracted to fictonal characters and still get no sexual attraction to real people?

Neth - Sexual people, though experiencing different levels of sexual attraction and sex drive, don’t need to be with ‘the one’ in order to be sexually attracted to people. You just tend to ignore those feelings and dismiss them as unimportant cause hey, they aren’t the one. 

So, experiencing sexual attraction prior to meeting ‘the one’ doesn’t mean you can’t ID as on the asexual spectrum cause you have to pass some hurdle before you can do so legitimately.

Is it possible that you’re demi and only find out on meeting ‘the one’? Yes. Can’t tell you if that’s the case or not and so far as I know there’s no way to know short of having a time travel machine.

As for being attracted to fictional characters…. is that sexually or just more generally? Some people are drawn to fictional characters more/before real people because they’re safer or in many ways you know them more than you know most real people without putting in far more effort and risk. Especially if you spend a lot of time thinking about them and their lives as though they were real for whatever reason (fun, creative pursuits  whichever). And you’d be far from the first person to think a fictional character was hot or (if this is what you mean) want to have sex with them.

If you are sexually attracted to them that is still sexual attraction so…. probably not asexual? I mean, finding a character/person good looking and liking to look at them, or wanting to hug them or talk to them or what have you okay, that’s not sexual attraction. But the being attracted to someone, even fictional characters, in a sexual way? Pretty sure that’s still sexual attraction.

So if you don’t experience sexual attraction, if the word asexual fits you and what you experience go for it. If you feel like you might be in the middle but on the spectrum that’s fine, there’s plenty of demis and grey-aces out there too.